(just finished run #9 in 16 days & it was the best one yet…maybe because I didn’t have two 9 year old twin boys to chase after ahead of me on bikes who can now ride faster than I can run right now…maybe because I wasn’t pushing two 20 month old twin girls in a running stroller…maybe because I decided to run in a cooler temp after dark instead of my usual noon-4 pm heat stroke hours…maybe because I have not enjoyed any adult beverages since last week…maybe because I got 10 hours of sleep last night…maybe because the meds doc put me on 3 days ago for this recurring bronchitis / larengitis / possible walking pneumonia are starting to work…or maybe because it was my 9th run back and it is getting more routine again (probably all of those things, but I am a gluten for punishment…isn’t that kinda the point?)

1. No matter what I always feel better after a run. When I feel bad for any reason before a run, I feel less so after the run. When I feel good before a run, I feel even BETTER afterwards both mentally & physically!

2. It is under NO ONE’S CONTROL except mine. No one is perfect and at times life can get you down and things can seem pointless sometimes due to our own mistakes and sometimes due to no fault of our own which is ofter even tougher to deal with. The photo attached to this post is my favorite quote. It is from Teddy Roosevelt. Look at the line, “because there is no effort without error or shortcoming”. To me that means there is no such thing as perfection. It is a man made construct that simply does not exist in humanity. GOOD can be good enough and GREAT is a comparative term that is often over used and abused which should be reserved for things or moments that truly are EXCEPTIONAL & REMARKABLE! There is NO perfect. Just ask an accountant to explain opportunity cost to you;) At times in life things can seem out of control and that we have no influence on our lives. That is an illusion that only last temporarily due to circumstances. Whether I put on my damn sneakers and go for a run or not is under ONLY MY CONTROL. It helps remind me of who is truly in charge of MY trip on this planet! Even though I can influence others, I can NOT CONTROL them. Desiphering the difference is the trick we are ALL trying to figure out daily:) I CAN control whether I run or not.

3. I always come back from a run with 4 or 5 brand new innovative ideas for my work life. Usually 1 or 2 are actually good ones:). Running allows my mind to wander in a way that I have found no other activity to permit. Something about being physically focused & engaged, but while doing something that requires little mental acuity, unlocks my creative energy. Isolated in a plane seat with head phones on, on the toilet (without kids banging on the door), and in the shower are next, but not nearly as good as running for new ideas.

4. It is a fun healthy activity that improves my health no matter what state it currently has been in.

5. I can promote causes I am passionate about and raise money to help others though running. donatelifeamerica.net with 60 seconds of your time could save up to 5 lives one day…MAYBE YOUR’S!!!

6. I can do it alone or with someone. Reminds me of another activity I like frequently:). Sorry, the comedian in me took over there for a second. Back to running… Chatting helps pass the time and monotony that some people find running to be. I find that it makes the run more challenging to talk and run which can be good and informative, but not something I chose to do when working on improving times.

7. It is flexible. I have a floor of 3 miles & a current max of 26.2 miles. The only thing that dictates the length of my run is available my TIME & my WILL. THERE IS ALWAYS TIME TO SQUEEZE IN 3 IF WE ARE HONEST WITH OURSELVES!

8. It is FREE. There is no gym needed. No trainer required. Just go outside. DONE!

9. It fills me with pride. I look back at the miles I have logged, races I’ve completed and times I have posted and am remind that I AM STRONGER THAN I OFTEN THINK I AM. I also like earning, collecting and being awarded trophies & medals. RUNNING RACES = AWARDS BOX CHECKED…damn narcissist

10. It gives me something to write about;)


Thanks for visiting & reading,


P.S. Here are those 2 sets of twins I am chasing 7 pushing:)


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