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University of Houston “Developing A Successful You” Seminar from 5/13/19

Presenting along side Chancellor/President Dr Khator was an honor.




November 18, 2019

UH’s Heartbreaking SportsCenter Moment Proves Fertitta Center is Far Superior to Toyota Center and NBA for Basketball Thrills by Chris Baldwin

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May 7, 2019

Good Morning with NTV Houston with Lauren Leal & Asma Jilani

Anchor Asma Jilani, Sports Anchor Lauren Leal & special guest Asst. Athletic Director of Marketing & Event Presentation, Robert Boudwin!  We also met NEWTON “Houston’s Smartest Dragon” who educates, entertains & has a few tricks up his sleeve.

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March 22, 2019

KHOU Channel 11 CBS

Cheer On The Coogs At The KHOU 11 Watch Party! by Cristina Kooker

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March 22, 2019

KPRC Channel 2 NBC

Houston Gets Ready To Cheer On Coogs With NCAA Game Watch Party by Sofia Ojeda

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February 24, 2019

Houston Chronicle

How “Trash Can Man” Became A Part Of UH Basketball Games by Joseph Duarte

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October 2, 2018–Houston Culture Map

From Clutch to Coog: Former Rockets Mascot Boosts University of Houston’s Football Program by Ken Hoffman

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MEN’S BASKETBALL INTROS — Check out the crystal clear on court projection that turns our court into a high definition movie screen & the BRAND NEW only been done once before by any sports team anywhere…Red COOG Phone Flashlights turning the Fertitta Center RED & answering the question of what happens when ME BECOMES WE with 7,000 UH FANS! GO COOGS!!!




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Robert Boudwin 5/18-6/20 — ADDED VALUE BEYOND ROLE

-SOLD $165K SPONSORSHIPto C&D Scrap Metal — Made Contact, Set Meeting, Leveraged Personal Relationship, Created Assets (Trash Can Man, T-shirt Gatling, etc.) & Led Strategy, Spearheaded and took point on pitch to C&D Scrap Metal and continue to service the account directly on game days the owner attends games

-VIRTUAL REALITY — Our custom VR mascot software package sells for $15K – $25K from ImmersiveXR depending upon levels.  Ours would have sold for $20K with both the basketball and football settings.  We paid $1,500 total because I am a 15% minority owner and had that worked into my deal 2 years ago for any client I consult for directly.  Worked with software developers to customize to UH and then oversaw roll out, implementation with facilities for TDECU, IPF & Fertitta as well as continued operation and best practice uses.  GOT $18.5K FREEfor UH solely due to my partial ownership in company and agreement with them to provide anyone I work for or consult for the product at below production costs)

-Performed at 4 games as Newton (UH women’s & men’s basketball games) which standard fee I charge minor league baseball teams the past 2 summers is $2,500 per game for a total of $10K FREE to UH

-Assumed All Baseball Responsibilities Mid-Season with a very short learning curve and added lots of value not planned with a short runway (borrowed $5K for FREE in professional grade Star Wars Costumes for May The Forth Be with You Promo for Baseball and staffed costumes in 48 hours)

-Represented Athletics on Staff Council involving us in University Wide Take Your Kid To Work Day (1sttime athletics has participated in 3 years that event has happened) & has fulfilled request to speak for them along with Dr. Khator at Staff Focus Event

-Served as Emcee for any event we didn’t have contract Talent for (Football Spring Practice, Student Fertitta Center Preview, Fertitta Center Grand VIP Opening, Cougar Choice Awards, Basketball Season Celebration Event, others as needed which my standard rate depending upon the event ranges from $500 for non-profits to $4,000 for profit)

-Brand Ambassador — 10 media articles, radio appearances and TV interviews requested from long time contacts all of which were steered to promote UH athletics and the upcoming events at hand like last year’s March Madness Run & Accompanying events

-Sold several large groups for baseball (little leagues through personal contacts) & football (high school)



-Wrote, Produced & Directed all Football & Men’s Basketball Games as well as consulted on all other 15 intercollegiate sports game presentations

-Helped open Fertitta Center with Game operation related issues like construction consulting, conceiving on court projection uses, development of Cub Zone, elements within & staff execution

-Produced & Directed Premier High Profile Events like Cage Rage, VIP Opening of Fertitta Center, Student Open House of Fertitta Center

-Official University Faculty Sponsor for 3 student groups Bleacher Creatures, COOG Crew & CV3

-Cue Audio, New Tifo Flag, ESPN Game Day, Red Powder then pivot to Red Smoke Grenades

-Developed strategies to drive attendance (military night contacts I’ve used in the past at Rockets and SHRP)

-Existing Mascot Program SWOT Analyses & New Program Proposal

-Serve as “right hand” to Athletics CMO and provide council on almost all matters and screen hires for all new positions

-Dept Procurement Agent — Managing all Marketing Dept purchases through P-Card (physically making the purchases at stores) along with monthly line item individual expense reporting with business office as well as all non-P-Card eligible expenses per State Law fronting on my personal card for dept then doing expense reports (dept food, etc.)

-Produced & Directed all Football & Basketball Player Video Short Feature for IMG Sponsor Commitments & Ones Just for Game Entertainment Experience

-Celebrate Houston Video Wrote, Produced & Directed with an athlete from each of our 17 sports, 17 different police, fire fighters, road workers and teachers along with Mayor Turner & President Khator at 17 separate iconic Houston locations

-Created Military Acknowledgement Moment every game (wasn’t set to be in football or basketball game presentation when I started) and then pushed to have IMG find a sponsor for it

-All the new over-arching game entertainment and experience elements outlined in end of basketball season review deck (Trash Can Man, Tifo Flag in 10 days due to personal relationships, College Game Day Execution, ROTC MISS IT Banner, Phone Glow Lights Engineered from Scratch)

-Have continued to “weed out” the IMG commercial style elements and actively work in tandem with the collaboratively to create entertaining and engaging features the meet the clients goals while not “advertising” via TV commercials to our fans live

-Cross Campus Chalk Art Dept Project conceived, executed & covered by media as well as featured in game for 3 separate football games themed to the specific game

-Introduced, hired, worked to get platform space with LED front and incorporated DJ into the show & staffed DJ’s for IPF

-Introduced new elements like largest flag in sports entertainment, Field Goal Frenzy (replacing the stale Sumo Races that had been done since before TDECU opened), theme night activations, Christian’s Tailgate Bucket Toss

-Conceived & Produced Austin Plaine HOUSTON Video

-Club Red Ideation, Creation & Implementation, Management & Promotion (RED body & face paint, hair spray & temp tattoos)

-Shasta & Sasha Claus HUGE improvement set and attention from fans

-Introduced & consulted on & trainer performers for 2 new plush mascot costumes & a new inflatable costume as well as debuting as performer

-Made 3 trips to South Carolina, Oregon & Louisiana to gather best practices which directly resulted in Phone Flash Lights Bit w/Coach Huey at Football, Austin Plaine Houston UH Video, Sky Dancers for Football next season, Giant 6p’ Drum for next season & many production techniques (comps, scripting, etc)

-New timeout elements like 3 person half court contest, cake skit, Air Shasta Scare Video, Mascot NOISE Ladder Bit

-“Tightened” Up execution of show so less gaps and down time exist between game stoppage and entertainment element is activated

-Dug in to do the research on Red Cell Phone Lights & didn’t take no for an answer when I hit a brick wall with Vikings & 3M (Only team to have ever done before just this past fall due to 7 figure sponsorship one off activation project which 3M was not willing to do for anyone else), instead called several vendors and collaborated on how to engineer it ourselves to be 2nd in sports to do it on 2/10/19

-Introduced & consulted on & trainer performers for 2 new plush mascot costumes & a new inflatable costume as well as debuting as performer

-Stepped in many times to perform as Air Shasta to ensure successful launch of the character

-Introduced new elements like largest flag in sports entertainment, Field Goal Frenzy (replacing the stale Sumo Races that had been done since before TDECU opened), theme night activations

-Red Powder Planning and Execution for Touchdowns in student section end zone for football

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