“Robert is an exceptionally creative visionary brand builder, our lead salesperson & a great public speaker.”

-Jason B, Lane
Owner &. CEO of Spear Minerals & Drilling

“Robert was working in that costume.  He took that costume off and he was (expletive) sweatin’!”

-Kevin Hart – World Famous Comedian about Robert Hosting Kevin’s Show What The Fit S3 — 2020

“Robert is awesome and I was secure in knowing he was on the job with us.”

-Jeffrey Pollack — XFL President & COO

“Robert is a gifted and tireless marketer and promoter with a deep understand of identifying, cultivating, and engaging consumers.”

-David Carlock, Owner Machete Development & XFL Game Presentation Project Lead

“Robert has an uncanny ability to connect and communicate to the masses or personally one on one in a way that motivates. He has personally inspired me at times in my life. He is an instinctive marketer and brand builder who gets stuff done and delivers results.”

-Andrea Young, Sam Houston Race Park COO

“Having Robert as a featured presenter at the 2019 Football Bowl Association Annual Meeting attended by over 500 sports professionals was an asset and highlight of our event. I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking for a keynote speaker wanting to add a unique story and perspective to their event on a host of topics which is guaranteed to inspire, motivate & get people thinking creatively.”

-David Fletcher
General Manager, Lone Star Sports & Entertainment
Executive Director, Academy Sports + Outdoors Texas Bowl
President Football Bowl Association

“The Harris County Sports Authority has had the privilege of working with Robert Boudwin on many occasions for a variety of events.  He is extremely professional, dependable, and creative when partnering with us.  He truly understands what is means to integrate branding throughout an entire program, and he’s also a captivating speaker when asked to fill that role for one of our events.”

-Janis Schmees Burke, President & CEO of the Harris County Sport Authority

“Clutch continues to set high standards for mascots.  The City of Houston is pleased to offer its endorsement of Clutch for his invaluable contributions to Houston communities for over two decades.  It is with great pride that I offer mine as well.”

-Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner—2016

“Congratulations to my friend Robert Boudwin as he moves on from entertaining us all as “Clutch the Rockets Bear”! I often caught myself watching his antics in the stands instead of the game. Thank you, Robert, for your 21 years of making us laugh.”

-Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy E. Nehls

“For the past 16 years Robert has brought laughter and fun into the lives of Houstonians and visitors–the young and the old and the in-between.”

-Former Houston Mayor Annise Parker–2011

“Robert has visited elementary schools and put on over 80 shows per year encouraging Houston students to set high goals for their future.”

-Former Houston Mayor Bill White–2006

“Robert has portrayed Clutch, the mascot for the Houston Rockets, for nearly 11 seasons; he has been identified as the fifth most recognizable mascot in sports by USA Today and he was named the 2004-2005 National Basketball Association Mascot of the Year.”

-Rodney Ellis, Texas State Senator via a State Senate Proclamation #927–2006

“Robert has an amazing skills to connect people.  He uses his gifts to entertain and inspire people, holding their attention — all while he achieves the purposes of those who retain him.”

-Mark Lanier, Owner Lanier Law Firm

“Robert’s sustained excellence, passion and creativity as a brand builder and performer are unsurpassed in Houston sports over the last two decades.”

-George Postolos, Postolos Group / Former Houston Rockets & Houston Astros CEO

“Our mission is to encourage caring people to improve lives and build a stronger community. Robert Boudwin has been one of our caring and committed volunteers who has given so generously of his time, talent, and resources to United Way.  He served on our Young Leaders Council for five years including two years as Chair.  His presence inspires those around him and his lively presentations and performances are fun and uplifting.  He has been a treasure to the United Way and the community we serve.”

-Anna Babin, President & CEO United Way of Greater Houston

“Clutch became one of Houston’s most beloved brands because of Robert’s brilliant creativity, energy and vision.  His ideas and inspiration are infectious.”

-Cathy Lopez-Negrete, Owner, COO & CFO of Lopez Negrete Advertising

“Creative, passionate, energetic, intelligent…all words which strongly describe somebody you want on your team.  All of these describe Robert very well.  And just as importantly, he’s just a good guy with a great heart.”

-John Dillon, SVP, CMO at Denny’s Corporation

“Robert has an innate ability to grasp an issue right away and offer solutions to complex issues. While I would talk about a specific issue, I can see the wheels of his great mind turning. I am particularly impressed with his commitment to the Houston community. I’ve heard him speak more than once, and it’s very moving.  The marketing world needs more Robert Boudwin’s!”

-Cindy Clifford, Founder & President of the Clifford Group, inc. PR, Marketing

“From firing up 20,000 people in a sports arena, to touching hearts one-to-one, Robert Boudwin connects with people in a lasting way.  And he can help create this same connection between your audience and your brand.  Inspiring.  Original.  Relentless as a full sworn enemy of the ordinary, Robert will net you results in a ways no one else can.”

-Jim “Wegs” Wegerbauer, Chief Idea Officer of Dieste, an Omnicom Company

“Robert took an idea and brought it to life (literally), creating a beloved, iconic character and brand, resulting in tremendous value for the Rockets.  He can apply that same creativity and marketing insight to build value for your business!”

-Michael Burch, Sr. Vice President, National Sales and Marketing, Speedway Motorsports, Inc.

“It’s rare to come across a creative talent that truly understands the importance of a return on investment for a business. Robert managed to use his many skills and tireless work ethic to affordably convert thousands of our potential consumers into brand fanatics.”

-Andy Brantner, Owner 12 Houston Menchies Frozen Yogurt & HoustonOnTheCheap.com

“Robert’s creativity is what sets him apart.  He is a creative genius that could excel at anything he decides to do in life.  Hard work ethic has grown his career to incredible heights.  He remains one of the great minds in the professional sports business.”

-Zoltan Berencsi, Producer Harlem Globetrotters

“Robert is a pain in my ass and I can’t wait for this school year to be over so I can put him and all his questions in my rear view mirror.  He has made me question my decision to ever go into teaching in the first place.  I doubt he will ever amount to anything other than an annoying agitator.”  (if you read this ‘easter egg’, the testimonial marketing worked:)

-Mr. Delmuto, Robert’s 6th Grade Teacher

“By sheer force of personality and creative will Robert will be the game changer who while giving your management team a HUGE headache will be generating loyal customers in droves and virally all while making your ownership group a TON of money.”

-Robert Boudwin, self

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