Let me show you new ways to connect with your customers in a meaningful and personal way that will turn your consumers into raving fans and the foot soldiers for your brand. I took a teddy bear for a team named the Rockets and built it into one of the country’s biggest mascot brands and as just one metric grew third party paid appearance revenue from year one to my peak year by over 50x!

Highlighted Organizations I Have Consulted For Include:


Sam Houston Race Park, NCAA, Coca Cola, Yellow Cab Houston, NBA Asia, The Clifford Group, Doctors Hospital Renaissance, Menchies Frozen Yogurt, Gallerie Furniture, Hilton Furniture, Chick-Fil-A, Houston’s Chinese Community Center, Oklahoma City Thunder, Rio Grande Valley Vipers, University of Oklahoma, Louisiana State University, Sam Houston University, University of Delaware, Signs and Shapes International & Houston Area High Schools

Some of the areas of focus that I have specialized in with extensive experience which I believe will provide a favorable disproportionate return on investment include:

INNOVATIVE LEADERSHIP by being first with new & fresh ideas executed well and growing the industry itself by helping others

WIN/WIN SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES & ACTIVATION creating value & achieving objectives for partners while creating compelling entertainment and interaction with our costumers

MEDIA STUNTS that garnered free publicity & advertising to millions while driving a specific targeted message

VIRAL VIDEOS shorts/commercials/skits with views in the tens of millions (writing original material & producing it)

EVENT PRODUCTION that truly engages, connects & leaves a lasting impression

SOCIAL MEDIA marketing & management that drives revenue (grew following to over 15 times most other competitors)

SCHOOL SHOWS booked by principals for $1,000 that provided motivational & educational value, spread the organizations brand, delivered a partner message all while captivating children for an hour with entertainment (writing, production & marketing)





Take a look at the “lasting” impression Clutch made on these raving fans!  Would you like customers so passionate about your brand that they had life long proof to boast about how much they appreciate & recommend your product?


Is that not what we are all working towards?

They say that nothing sells itself. A salesman said that;). Would you rather knock on 100 doors trying desperately to convince each individual what you have is what they want or would you rather have 100 people lined up outside your door clambering for what you specially created for them which they desperately want. If you answered the first choice, please stop reading now and lose this web address.  I know sometimes the most creative of employees just need an outside fresh perspective to breath either new life or give them the confidence and validation to follow their original gut instinct.  It can get a little repetitive within any given culture in any business anywhere.  Here was how I used to feel about cubical life as an example:

I pushed the envelope while remaining grounded in front of an arena filled with 18,000 by walking the figurative risky tight rope of interesting, but not over the line consistently creating edgy sketches, routines & bits that made both Mom & Dad laugh as well as the kids all while staving off unsettling people (at least the vast majority:). Go too far and you’ve offended a family audience. Don’t go far enough and you’ve bored people with safe middle of the road vanilla blandness.

I believe in investing in the R&D up front to create exactly what a segment or nitch of the population wants and then effectively communicating that to the masses of that specific segment. Create a product or experience that is so unique that your customer can’t help, but brag about you such that your advertising is free. Third party endorsement is the most credible because friends know your have nothing to personally gain from endorsing what you are so pleased with. That is what I did for 21 years professionally as a teddy bear. As a professional NBA mascot most considered me to be an entertainer, but I always saw myself as a brand builder and marketer for the league, the franchise, the character and myself.

I’m excited to launch this Marketing Consulting Practice with a focus on non traditional brand building strategies, outside the box thinking (which is the most inside the box way of expressing that way of thinking;), and inspirational speaking.

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