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Article from Barron’s 2/25/21 (concerning price of barrel of oil headed to $100):
Article from CNN & JP Morgan from 6/18/20 (concerning prediction of price of a barrel of oil headed to $190 by 2025):

I always did love this show & fashion myself a little like them…salt of the earth & very lucky:). It was only a matter of time since moving to Texas that I get involved in the OIL BUSINESS or ranching & the only cows I like are the ones in pieces on my plate already processed & cooked.

These are strange times for all of us, myself included. Professionally, as a speaker, & sports administrator event consultant there have been few gatherings to speak at, sporting events with enough fans to entertain (XFL not kicking off until Feb, 2022) or large events to promote & organize.

Given that I still have 4 little mouths to feed…well 4 little ones and one BIG one, I’ve pivoted and joined Jason Lane, a long term friend and business acquaintance of mine, at his company, Spear Minerals LLC in Business Development. Spear owns and is currently marketing a portfolio of Mineral Rights spanning 18,000 acres near College Station located in the heart of the Eagleford Shale.


Don’t take is from industry insiders who have a dog in the race, listen to these top financial anyalyst at JP Morgan from a recent CNN article & video interview… http://lite.cnn.com/en/article/h_b4d794209c1169ddae24e747dd8ced43?fbclid=IwAR0kNIgnJn5E29C_rbb5VLAJlLF7L2ZQ4Oucwx5uXxBZGkevWxso-aj52rg



What Are Mineral Rights?

Mineral Rights are the ownership in the subsurface real property usually under ranches which are leased out to oil companies to drill for oil and gas. All of our properties have leases with active wells on them, 171 wells to be exact (PDPs), another 9 about to be brought on production (ducts which are already drilled just waiting the have the values turned on and another 9 permits waiting to be drilled or already being drilled (189 wells total). The portfolio has another 250 proved locations to be drilled PUDs). The portfolio is actively paying royalties monthly. 


-Retirement Planning & Generational Wealth Creation & Preservation

-Good for 1031 Exchanges

-Real Property

-15% Tax Benefit for Depletion Allowance

-Dependable returns with upside with a direct function to the spot price of oil

-Monthly Cash Flow


What Do I Get?

As a Mineral and Royalty rights owner you receive payment based on the gross oil and gas pulled from the ground without any production expenses. Returns have been consistent, dependable & increasing. Spear feels this is compelling as this has occurred despite Covid when Oil prices dropped considerably. There is attractive upside potential both from additional wells being brought online as well as the possibility of oil prices climbing up from its lows in its historic cycle. 

How Do I Learn More?

If you are interested to learn more on the phone, please call me direct at 832-541-3865 or email me at rboudwin@spearminerls.com. Visit us on-line at SpearMinerals.com. I’m happy to FedEx you brief or full materials is you have serious interest in considering purchase and investing in this ownership that will be in your family for generations to come.


NOT A Drilling Deal

NOT tied to production costs or expenses

NOT an LP, so is your property with deeds you may sell at anytime based upon your sole discresion

NOT limited to finite specific acreage for the purchase, is a fractions interest in 18K acres

NOT repriced since going on sales when oil was $37 per barrel and has gone upwards of $55 per barrel

NOT something you must disclose as a banker in the sense of market investments since this is REAL PROPERTY

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