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LUNCH & LEARN with Spear Minerals Owner & CEO, Chief Geoscientist, Chief Landman & me Chief Marketing Officer from 2/3/22 https://www.facebook.com/robertboudwin/videos/338620628178838/

OIL HITS $90 per barrel for first time in 7 years & what that means for Mineral Rights Real Property Owners as Presented at the Red News Houston Event at the Briar Club on 1/27/22


THE ABOVE = “Edutainment” = Entertaining + Informative. Have a listen! Call 832-541-3865 or DM for a expectation free chat or materials Fed Exed or emailed obligation free.This explains most of how you can secure predicted & proven 10-20% annual returns with upside beyond that passively cash flowing monthly with a 15% tax break off the top that is SAFE & SECURE Real Property & 1031 exchange eligible which any of us can buy with cash on hand, mutual funds or IRA funds without tax penalty diversifying at least a portion of your savings away from the volatility AND drastic ups & downs of the market into Real Property only without the hassle, expense, active management, liability & vacancies between tenants with rental properties.Minerals Rights Ownership is ALL ABOUT the correct portfolio of land that is actively cash flowing now with plenty of room for more PROVEN well development / drilling / production. Spear Minerals LLC land/real property with deeds/portfolio is EXACTLY THAT!

OilPrices.com from 1/18/22 — Tight Physical Crude Market Points To Higher Oil Prices by Tsvetana Paraskova READ ARTICLE>>

UPDATE AS OF 10/12/21

Oil broke $80 the first week of October, 2021 week having continued to climb topping out 10/11/21 at $82.15 as of this correspondence & many predict it hitting $100 within 6 months & some $200 by the end of 2022 (see attached linked article directly below). This Real Property Portfolio with Deeds when on sale in August, 2020 when oil was $37 per barrel and returned an annualized 8%. Mineral Right Owners will benefit greatly from this increase in the spot price of oil and Owners who have bought from the Spear Mineral Portfolio should benefit even greater as we know of 21 new wells on our properties currently being developed either permitted, actively being drilled, completed as ducts or awaiting division orders on top of the already 170+ Proven Developed Producing (PDPs) cash flowing now. Those 21 new wells are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to developing the other 230 Proven Undeveloped (PUDs) which means open spots with proven oil to be drilled/developed moving forward for the three major drillers as they are incentivized to retrieve the oil at these higher prices and those 21 decisions from oil companies were made from prices months ago which have since gone up and are predicted by an overwhelming number for experts to continue to climb BIG. Mineral Rights Owners are paid on the spot price of oil monthly and the gross oil retrieved from the ground with no liability or expense and are 1031 exchange eligible. It is estimated in good faith that this property will yield 32-35% while oil is at $100 & even more when higher. Last August 13 months ago when oil was $37 Spear property yielded 8% annualized and the absolute lowest we even yielded was the worst month during Covid which was a 2% annualized return.

OIL UPDATES — Predicted Prices Published 9/30/21



(8 shorter bite sized videos 1 minute or less at the bottom of the page if you prefer to consume the information that way)


There is a lot of info here as I like to be thorough, so take you time.  We can follow up once you have time to fully read and digest.

If you are interested beyond this info, I can provide a spread sheet of our returns the last 3 years, a map of our property and our PSA with all the 90 legal descriptions of the tracks of land total almost 19K acres all of which you would ultimately have a fractional interest in filed under your name on deeds between the 3 court houses the properties exist.

Major bullet point takeaways are (these 1st 8 might be of most interest to you):   

-This is a completely passive ownership/investment without ties to expenses, costs, work on your part, liability or headaches that cash flows monthly “mailbox money” (similar to a triple net lease)

-Property is priced to yield/return an expected 10-20% annually for generations to come with KNOWN increased activity of drilling schedules through 2023 making 2022-2024 much higher than average return years

-I have personally bought $100K from my IRA of this property myself for my kids and I without tax consequence on 1/1/21 and am very pleased with the reliable solid returns .  I don’t sell something I would not buy myself.  If you’d like to background check me personally, my personal website here with testimonials is a good place to start.

My investment has increased in returns due to more activity and drilling on our specific property and increased oil prices.  Spear Property’s absolute lowest return EVER was before I bought in one month during Covid when things were at the worst with a 2% annualized return and we returned 8% annualized August, 2020 when oil was only $37.  Oil is over $80 as of the first week of October, 2021 was up to $82.15 as of 10/11/21 as it continues to climb to what many financial experts and academics predict to hit $100 by the end of 2021 and $200 by the end of 2022.

-It is Real Property and considered “in kind” so it is perfect for 1031 exchanges

-Owners’ July returns were double that of June due to new activity and wells drilled with back pay

-70% of a barrel of oil is NOT used to make gasoline. It is used to make plastics, rubbers, polymers, in factories around the world for lubrication in manufacturing & JET FUEL. It is estimated by experts and academics far & wide outside of the oil business with no “dog in the race” that even if the “Green Deal” goes through 100%, that by 2050 World Oil Consumption will only be down 15%. Even if the US is all driving electric cars, developing nations still won’t be and all the other needs for oil will still exist including car such as Telsa’s whose body’s and batteries are made from OIL. More on that below in a quick 4 minute video about the future of energy…

-If you’d like to seek advice for an investment like this, we advise you speak to your CPA, Tax Attorney or Someone Else you know or we can provide you with several who have owned Mineral Rights Property in the right areas successfully like this one. Remember, this is already cash flowing with 170+ active wells and 250 more proven to come. Financial Advisors in general are not the best to consult with as they have a conflict of interest in that it is in their interest to keep as much of your wealth under their management for the yearly management fee assessed win or lose. It is not is their interest for you to pull money that could be managed by them earning a percent, into real property outside their control and benefit.

DEEPER DIVE w/ Some other important info:

-There are 170+ shale wells actively cash flowing now (PDPs) Proven Developed Producing that will continue to for many year and then will have secondary and ultimately third recoveries with re-fracking, water floods or CO2 flood done on them making them profitable for decades (maximum that has ever been derived from the original oil in place under exist technology is 40% after 30-40 years leaving 60% still remaining to be extracted with emerging technologies.  This property will is expected to yield for generations, not decades to come. 

-To be clear, this is NOT a speculative Drilling Deal. There are already 170+ well actively production oil being taken to market and paying mineral right owners immediately accruing upon purchase/closing which can be done remotely (mineral right owners are paid by the oil companies drilling on their land 2 months in the rear for processing and checks and balances with the state
-The BIG key with this property is that on top of the 170+ PDPs there are 250 PUDs (Proven Undeveloped) spots yet to be drilled that oil companies have just been waiting to drill out when oil goes up high in price making it more profitable to take to market.  These 250 PUDS are a question of when, not if.

-There is a 15% depletion allowance for the life of ownership every year meaning you don’t pay taxes on the top 15% of your yearly return

-Property is sold complete with deeds as a fractional interest of just shy of 19,000 acres just outside of College Station in the Eagle Ford Shale with all Tier 1 property with ownership to the core of the earth at all levels sold “cherry picked” and not all adjacent as to where the best spots to drill would be when purchased back in 2014

-Our company and its principals owner is under JBL Energy Partners owner by Jason Lane (old friend of mine who used to be a Rockets suite holder for years) who is 2nd generation land man by trade and the company can be seen at:  jblenergypartners.com with more in depth background on all our leadership individuals (bios, past projects, etc).

The property had no shale wells 7 years ago and now has 170+ PDPs (current wells actively producing oil from the ground as we speak and paying royalties monthly to owners) & 250 PUDs (proven oil just waiting to be drilled for and extracted) just at the shale level not even considering the Austin Chalk and Buda levels and Spear Minerals owns and sell its subsurface property rights ALL to the core of the earth at all levels.  There is SIGNIFICANT increase in production and returns when new wells come on-line.  New wells that came on line in May spiked July returns by DOUBLE compared to JUNE returns.

Even though we went on sale last August when oil was $37 and topped out at $82.15 on 10/11/21 , we have not repriced yet even though oil has gone up by more than 100%.  I can provide you past performance, current performance and expected performance with oil going to $100 by end of the year predicted by many financial experts (and if so returns will are predicted between 32-35%).  This property is priced to yield solid average predicted years of 10-20% for decades to come and generations beyond.

If you are interested in buying minerals, now is the time as oil is almost certainly going up higher than already, our inventory will sell and at some point Jason Lane (Spear Owner) will almost certainly have to increase the price of the land due to the returns being so much higher with more drilling and higher oil prices. Point is THERE IS A LOT OF NEW ACTIVITY AND DRILLING happening that will make 2022-2024 especially HIGHER than average years.

Bottom line on this stuff is that it is a perfect way to diversify a portion of your retirement (IRA) or other funds away from the volatility of the market/mutual funds with VERY LOW RISK, SAFE and SECURE with current, past and future predicted double digit returns in real property real estate that is turn key for you (completely passive “mailbox money”).  Since it is REAL PROPERTY it never really goes negative (our worst return was during Covid when NO ONE was traveling or manufacturing & land owners still got an annualized 2% that month).

The Spear Minerals Difference on The Prime Real Estate Network — 4/8/21

MOST RECENT PRESENTATION — 4/14/21 — THE FORT BEND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE — Talking Breaking Through Self Imposed Limitations, Getting ‘Knocked Down’ & Getting Back Up, Organ Donation Registration for TKFoudation.com & SpearMinerals.com

Article from Barron’s 2/25/21 (concerning price of barrel of oil headed to $100):
Article from CNN & JP Morgan from 6/18/20 (concerning prediction of price of a barrel of oil headed to $190 by 2025):

I always did love this show & fashion myself a little like them…salt of the earth & very lucky:). It was only a matter of time since moving to Texas that I get involved in the OIL BUSINESS or ranching & the only cows I like are the ones in pieces on my plate already processed & cooked.

These are strange times for all of us, myself included. Professionally, as a speaker, & sports administrator event consultant there have been few gatherings to speak at, sporting events with enough fans to entertain (XFL not kicking off until Feb, 2022) or large events to promote & organize.

Given that I still have 4 little mouths to feed…well 4 little ones and one BIG one, I’ve pivoted and joined Jason Lane, a long term friend and business acquaintance of mine, at his company, Spear Minerals LLC in Business Development. Spear owns and is currently marketing a portfolio of Mineral Rights spanning almost 19,000 acres near College Station located in the heart of the Eagleford Shale.


What Are Mineral Rights?

Mineral Rights are the ownership in the subsurface real property usually under ranches which are leased out to oil companies to drill for oil and gas. All of our properties have leases with active wells on them, 171 wells to be exact (PDPs), another 9 about to be brought on production (ducts which are already drilled just waiting the have the values turned on and another 9 permits waiting to be drilled or already being drilled (189 wells total). The portfolio has another 250 proved locations to be drilled PUDs). The portfolio is actively paying royalties monthly. 


-Retirement Planning & Generational Wealth Creation & Preservation

-Good for 1031 Exchanges

-Real Property

-15% Tax Benefit for Depletion Allowance

-Dependable returns with upside with a direct function to the spot price of oil

-Monthly Cash Flow

-SAFE & SECURE Real Property Ownership


What Do I Get?

As a Mineral and Royalty rights owner you receive payment based on the gross oil and gas pulled from the ground without any production expenses. Returns have been consistent, dependable & increasing. Spear feels this is compelling as this has occurred despite Covid when Oil prices dropped considerably. There is attractive upside potential both from additional wells being brought online as well as the possibility of oil prices climbing up from its lows in its historic cycle. 

How Do I Learn More?

If you are interested to learn more on the phone, please call me direct at 832-541-3865 or email me at rboudwin@spearminerls.com. Visit us on-line at SpearMinerals.com. I’m happy to FedEx you brief or full materials is you have serious interest in considering purchase and investing in this ownership that will be in your family for generations to come.


NOT A Drilling Deal

NOT tied to production costs or expenses

NOT an LP or LLC, so it is your property with deeds you may sell at anytime based upon your sole discretion

NOT limited to finite specific acreage for the purchase, is a fractions interest in almost 19K acres

NOT repriced since going on sales when oil was $37 per barrel and has gone over $82 per barrel

NOT something you must disclose as a banker in the sense of market investments since this is REAL PROPERTY



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