Hi Greater Houston Area Friends,
Most importantly, I hope you, your family & friends are SAFE! I also hope that most of you don’t need the service I’m about to offer & are DRY and did not experience home, car or belongings damage.
Back in May, I partnered with a long time friend and colleague, Ed Hamilton, in a business venture that expands and extends power washing services he has already been offering for years.  “Soft washing” is a brand new technology that replaces standard power washing with a superior process, less damage to surfaces, that not only cleans, but more importantly, sanitizes and disinfects. Instead of just shooting super pressurized water onto surfaces, soft washing was developed to remove and clean mold, dirt & fungus from roofs, sides of houses and driveways.  Soft washing precisely infuses a bleach compound with a softer pressure that kills mold spores before they develop into a full blown problem, while disinfecting and sanitizing the surfaces without harming or damaging the materials like traditional power washing can do.  This process is the best option available to sanitize and disinfect any surfaces affected by flood waters once the carpeting, drywall, and flooring has been removed (ie slab, studs, brick, etc.), before repairing the affected areas.


Original owner Ed is also owner of Men In Kilts Houston & lives in Sienna Plantation where we will be using this very process on his home. We were set to launch this additional service starting mid September in South Houston, where we offer other services like pool cleaning, windows, and more, as well as expanding our service area to North Houston, including, but not limited, to The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball, Cypress & Conroe (the area I live). However, with the given circumstances, some 24 hour a day efforts, extra trucks and crew from Florida, we are OFFERING THIS SERVICE NOW!
This company and service is managed by myself & long term trusted friend & business associate, Ed Hamilton. We have been in Houston over 20 years, and we personally guarantee these services being offered in our home town. We are NOT a nomadic work force that will be gone in several weeks and not reachable or accountable for our work. WE WILL BE RIGHT HERE IN HOUSTON for years to come, with hopes of gaining your business down the line for additional services as needed. We aim to exceed your exceptions, whether this is a one time job or more to come, because our REPUTATION and INTEGRITY is what matters most.
Please call 832-706-2898 for more details or to schedule your appointment NOW! Visit us on-line at and like us on
HoUSton Strong!
-Robert Boudwin


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