I PROMISE & PLEDGE!!!  (cyber right hand is in the air as I type with left hand)

A unique, motivational, inspirational, educational, entertaining & comical presentation that will make a difference & provide disproportional value for the investment for your business or organization and you personally best summed up by this way to long of a title:

Tattoos, Twins, Mascots, Marketing, Running, Ridiculousness, Reinventing Yourself & Organ Donation…We Are ALL Stronger Than We Think We Are!!!Consistently Over Delivering On Costumer Expectations & Experiences Builds A Truly Valuable Long Lasting Powerful Brand…Third Party Word Of Mouth Endorsement Trumps Advertising Every Time…Organizations Are Nothing More Than A Coordinated Group Of Individual Efforts…Speed Bumps, Pot Holes & Head On Collisions…Overcoming The Detours Down The Glorious Road Less Traveled…My Life As A Professional Basketball Mascot & TwinS Maker…Modern Day Chaplin’s…95 Confessions In Ink…And Finally Please Don’t Take Your Organs To Heaven! Heaven Knows We Need Them Here!!!The Speech & Book With The Most Verbose Title EVER!
by robert boudwin

CALL 832-541-3865 TODAY or ANYDAY (20% off discount good yesterday only:) for more information or to schedule a presentation.  Think: PT Barmun (had a good run even though his business just went under…it was successful for over 100 years though;) and Tony Robbins had a baby and before being reincarnated in that baby’s past life he was the child of Jim Henson and Charlie Chaplin.  THAT’S ME & WHAT YOU WILL BE GETTING!!!  Interested enough, but afraid to call or just too busy right now???  Email me at robert@robertboudwin.com.

Create a GREAT day!

P.S. My presentations are anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours depending upon the situation and needs.

Published by robertboudwin1

Speaker - Performer - Marketer - Brand Builder - Mascot Expert - Writer - Enemy of the Ordinary

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