True wisdom is usually only expressed by the aged and not how you might think…

Let me explain my perspective.  What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom?  Knowledge is acquired by an interest expressed and invested in combined with an aptitude to understand and retain.  Wisdom is usually an expression acquired from experience having to make tough decisions between no clear right or wrong, but only “gut” or “hunches” based upon some knowledge, prior personal failure, and a balance between drive and empathy.  Intelligence is not always and in many cases not a component of wisdom.  A base line of intelligence is usually present in wisdom when it comes to fruition.  By the way, use of lexicon like fruition is not necessarily an indication of wisdom, but more evidence of knowledge.  Thinking for yourself in a unique way with creativity while balancing the self with the greater good for others is a pretty good definition in my mind which brings me back to the original statement.

Some refer to this as the difference of IQ verses EQ. Or intellectual intelligence verses emotional intelligence.  I have found in practice that these combinations at a high level of IQ or aptitude combined with EQ or social skills mixed with disciplined timing of restrained action mixed with an ability to let go of your principles when a favorable end is not in sight is very rare or actually truly non-existent in humanity.  When thinking about wisdom I am reminded of the classic Native American Chief who is quiet mostly and speaks seldom, but when does is listen to attentively and usually delivers a sage message of restraint or diplomacy.  He or she often preaches restraint and is often correct.  However, even in old age we are all still human and have self-interest.  What would those motives be in that case?  Personal legacy and preservation of the ones he or she loves would be the most common factors.  However, these were the same men and women that had to risk along the way to make it to a point of wide relevance beyond just their immediate family at an old age.  Be too risky and you don’t make it to that age.  In years past you simply would not be alive because you were killed for too daring of ventures.  In today’s America, you simply become irrelevant which is a sentence worse than death for some.  “Brave soldiers don’t make old soldiers.”  Be too safe and you will never get consistently listened to if you just say no all the time and run scared.  You have to say yes to something or some path if you want people to continue on and for you personally to be listened to. It is not enough to know what you don’t like.  You must also know what you do like and be able to explain it.

In closing, altruism does not exist because even at its truest forms, it makes the doer feel good unless you are sociopath who is not rich and doesn’t want to be remembered. That is a joke for you Nerds:)  Even an old, sage, experienced, balanced leader is clouded at times by their own perspective.  I once wrote when I was young that although I’ve heard balance in the key to life and happiness, imbalance was the key to greatness because to be great you must be significantly abnormal and unbalanced as the masses are normal and balance.  That is what makes you stand out!  Was I wrong then or now?  MUMBLINGS AND MUSINGS…

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