Speech from 1/26/17 to North Shore Rotary Club

I give a motivational & inspirational speech entitled: Speed Bumps, Potholes & Head-On Collisions: Overcoming the Detours Down the Glorious Road Less Travel; Robert Boudwin & His Life as an NBA Mascot.

Just some of the companies I have presented to include:  NCAA, Exxon, Sam Houston Race Park, Baker Botts, Deliotte, Williams, Anadarko, Memorial Hermann Hospital, Methodist Hospital, The Clifford Group, Houston Area Chambers of Commerce, Chick-Fil-A, Taste of Texas Restaurant, Rice University, United Way of Greater Houston, Houston Rotary Clubs, Life Gift, Taylor’s Gift, Nora’s Home & The American Diabetes Association, Pro Dance Conference, DECA Groups & Houston area High Schools.

Email me at robert@robertboudwin.com for scheduling and pricing.


The presentations are perfect for company meetings, organizational retreats, conferences, special events, churches, and any occasion calling for a key-note speaker. It is an entertaining, emotionally inspiring, motivating, engagingly interactive & comical story of perseverance, persistence & fortitude along a non-traditional career route while building one of the nation’s biggest mascot brands and a world wide entertainer.

Success happened by passionately focusing on creating memorable & remarkable moments one laugh at a time. This happened against all odds at the beginning, middle & end of the mascot journey by never giving up and truly over delivering to the customer at every opportunity turning them into a valuable volunteer sales force driving appearance revenues to 4 times that of the average professional mascot & 25 times that from personal year one to peek.  Your employees or members will be left entertained & motivated to achieve their personal best by focusing on how to create special moments for costumers in turn transforming those customers into raving fans and your word of mouth sales and marketing force!  Word of mouth marketing is the most valuable form of advertising in the world because it is the most creditable form because it comes from unbiased individuals who are not financially incentivized to do so.

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Speaker - Performer - Marketer - Brand Builder - Mascot Expert - Writer - Enemy of the Ordinary

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