I offer presentations perfect for company meetings, organizational retreats, conferences, special events, churches, and any occasion calling for a key-note speaker.  It is an entertaining, emotionally inspiring, motivating, engagingly interactive & comical story of perseverance, persistence & fortitude along the road less traveled while building one of the nation’s biggest mascot brands and a world wide entertainer.

Success happened by passionately focusing on creating memorable & remarkable moments one laugh at a time. This happened against all odds at the beginning, middle & end of the mascot journey by never giving up and truly over delivering to the customer at every opportunity turning them into a valuable volunteer sales force driving appearance revenues to 4 times that of the average professional mascot & 50 times that from year one to peek. Your employees or members will be left entertained & motivated to achieve their personal best by focusing on how to create special moments for costumers in turn transforming those customers into raving fans!

Some of the companies I have contracted me to present include:

NCAA, Exxon, Baker Botts, Deliotte & Touche, Williams, Anadarko, Memorial Hermann Hospital, Methodist Hospital, The Clifford Group, Chick-Fil-A, Taste of Texas Restaurant, Menchies, Rice University, Houston Area Chamber of Commerce, United Way of Greater Houston, Houston Rotary Clubs, Life Gift, Nora’s Home & The American Diabetes Association.

“Robert has an uncanny ability to connect and communicate to the masses or personally one on one in a way that motivates. He has personally inspired me at times in my life. He is an instinctive marketer and brand builder who gets stuff done and delivers results.”

-Andrea Young, Sam Houston Race Park COO


“Robert has an amazing skills to connect people.  He uses his gifts to entertain and inspire people, holding their attention — all while he achieves the purposes of those who retain him.”

-Mark Lanier, Owner Lanier Law Firm


“Robert’s sustained excellence, passion and creativity as a brand builder and performer are unsurpassed in Houston sports over the last two decades.”

-George Postolos, Owner Postolos Group/Former Houston Astros CEO/Former Houston Rockets CEO


“Clutch became one of Houston’s most beloved brands because of Robert’s brilliant creativity, energy and vision.  His ideas and inspiration are infectious.”

-Cathy Lopez-Negrete, Owner, COO & CFO of Lopez-Negrete Advertising


“Creative, passionate, energetic, intelligent…all words which strongly describe somebody you want on your team.  All of these describe Robert very well.  And just as importantly, he’s just a good guy with a great heart.”

-John Dillon, SVP, CMO at Denny’s Corporation


“Robert has an innate ability to grasp an issue right away and offer solutions to complex issues. While I would talk about a specific issue, I can see the wheels of his great mind turning. I’ve heard him speak on the topic more than once, and it’s very moving. The marketing world needs more Robert Boudwins!”

-Cindy Clifford, Founder & President of the Clifford Group, inc. PR, Marketing


“The Harris County Sports Authority has had the privilege of working with Robert Boudwin on many occasions for a variety of events.  He is extremely professional, dependable, and creative when partnering with us.  He truly understands what is means to integrate branding throughout an entire program, and he’s also a captivating speaker when asked to fill that role for one of our events.”

-Janis Schmees Burke, President & CEO of the Harris County Sport Authority


“From firing up 20,000 people in a sports arena, to touching hearts one-to-one, Robert Boudwin connects with people in a lasting way.  And he can help create this same connection between your audience and your brand.  Inspiring.  Original.  Relentless as a full sworn enemy of the ordinary, Robert will net you results in a ways no one else can.”

-Jim “Wegs” Wegerbauer, Chief Idea Officer of Dieste, an Omnicom Company


“Robert took an idea and brought it to life (literally), creating a beloved, iconic character and brand, resulting in tremendous value for the Rockets.  He can apply that same creativity and marketing insight to build value for your business!”

-Michael Burch, Sr. Vice President, National Sales and Marketing, Speedway Motorsports, Inc.


Robert Boudwin         832-541-3865

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