What do you do when you can’t sleep?

I wrote something else, but something on the computer froze and it was deleted. That’s probably good because it would have been too long anyway. It was about mopping, cleaning, thinking, marketing, selling, mopping again, dishes, folding clothes and making beds both of which I don’t believe in, providing, earning, providing value and a whole bunch of other stuff. Here it is shorter.
1. Keep the house clean, fun, & filled with love and food (this last one has obviously not been a problem with my COVID35) “I FEEL LIKE I MOP TWICE A DAY & STILL NEED TO MOP!”
2. Market & Sell Spear Mineral Rights (I have sold to many satisfied buyer/investors as the CMO including myself to the tune to $100K on my own funds with personal IRA and commissions reinvested on my own terms meaning not because I work there, but because I will own those deeds forever and have studied it for 6 months and like long term, safe, & relative to the risk high returns (expected 10-20% w/ a historic low Covid 2% monthly annualize & high expected 32-35% when oil hits $100) and well beyond my days here on earth.)
3. Speak, advocate, fundraise, run & serve for the cause to get everyone to say YES to Organ Donation Registration on behalf of my father Paul Boudwin (still alive 9 years later and busting my butt like I was 10 years old) & his donor Ian Heidemann via the The Todd Krampitz Foudation & Life Gift.
4. Market & Sell Play PUSH to all (the public and advertisers ), but especially those whose have the time on their phone, need money & are looking for something new and interesting to do for free that is FUN.
5. Share being a single dad and the experiences I wish to imprint on my kids positively about fun and education via my new website.
If ANY of this resonated with you, please reach out personally (I’m not hard to find or assassinate:) as I am a creature of habit, but one that likes to think differently at the same places!
LASTLY, to those fellow entrepreneurs (you know, the ones like me who can’t spell that word without smarter people’s programs like this) here is a preview of a podcast (eye roll) I’m doing on Thursday with Larry W Brooks Riccardo Davis who gave me pre questions (wish they just ambushed me), “What Advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?”1. Don’t learn how to spell. That doesn’t pay, unless you are an editor.2. Save when you WIN.3. Diversify, it will NEVER stay the same.

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