Forget advertising.  Spend your time, talent, and treasure focused on making your product, service or experience as high-quality as possible so people will talk about the product and it will sell itself.  Then forget advertising.  Balance is not always the answer.  Often times imbalance is the only path to greatness.  YOU can do this.  Make your experience amazing and let it speak for itself through the grapevine.  Have faith and BELIEVE!

It is my job as a marketer to help you create a platform that ultimately sells itself.  Salespeople sell to one person.  Ultimately it is my role to help you sell to thousands or even millions at once by creating word-of-mouth third-party credible free advertising.  This is called brand building through superior product or service building (tademark Boudwin <<circa Trump Insult 2017)

I had a boss once who used to criticize me for always using Comic Sans as my font.  I think that is funny.  It wasn’t serious enough or “business” enough for him and that person thought it was a sign of diminished intelligence.  I call it FUN!  Some people identify fun and dim witted.  OH BROTHER…  Where do I start???

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Speaker - Performer - Marketer - Brand Builder - Mascot Expert - Writer - Enemy of the Ordinary

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