Greeting all!  For those of you in season right now, I hope your shows are going well with lots of entertainment and as little hiccups as possible.  For those of you not in season, rest up!  It is coming whether we want it to or not;)  I am fresh off a consulting engagement for the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder Game Entertainment & Operations Department last week.  Please see Director John Leach’s Complete Assessment at the bottom of this blog/post/advertisement/whatever:)

Like you, I enjoy and have a passion for entertaining people.  There is nothing more euphoric than the feeling of hearing an audience’s positive reaction to entertainment you conceived, created, nurtured, refined, at times fought for, produced, rehearsed, directed & executed!  I can’t do this better than you.  You are where you are for a reason.  I have never called a game in 25 years in the business, however, I have value to offer you.  I offer a fresh critique and tutorial on consistent animation, exaggeration, and persona for your mascot.  A mascot should be a larger than life, real life cartoon character.  Before viral videos, before killer skits, and before tons of paid appearances, there has to be an established character base, not just dance or gymnast skills.

I have created, coached, and managed entertainment teams as well as trained hundreds of mascots.  I have lived this profession as not only a mascot, but also as a sports entertainment idea leader.  I have done this by consistent innovation, networking, sharing, and pushing for the fan experience. Examples as first of mine in pro sports include: inflatable mascots, giant ball walking, noise prompt banners that disappear within each other, mascot bowling, writing & producing mascot books with over ½ million distributed, running ½ marathons in costume for charity & social media strategies that led to an unparalleled 150K following where most professional mascots have only 10K.

I’d like the opportunity to share with you and provide a different perspective and possibly a way for you to break your own company’s norms that have been possibly holding you and them back.  Most of us know each other. I invite you to email me to start a discussion of what I can offer you specifically at  My cell is 832-541-3865.  Thanks in advance for your time and consideration, and for many of you, your camaraderie.

Some of the companies I have presented to and consulted for most recently include: OKC THUNDER, NCAA, NBA ASIA, Exxon, Sam Houston Race Park, Deliotte, Memorial Hermann Hospital, Methodist Hospital, The Clifford Group, Chick-Fil-A, Menchies & Houston Area Chamber of Commerce. (see testimonials page for full list)


“I’ve known Robert professionally for 20 years as a performer. However, what he did as a consultant and speaker in just a few days was reinvigorating and transformative not only for myself, our entertainers, and staff, but for our entire show. I highly recommend him!” -John Leach, Oklahoma City Thunder, Director of Game Presentation

“Robert has an uncanny ability to connect and communicate to the masses or personally one on one in a way that motivates. He has personally inspired me at times in my life. He is an instinctive marketer and brand builder who gets stuff done and delivers results.”       -Andrea Young, Sam Houston Race Park COO

“Robert’s sustained excellence, passion and creativity as a brand builder and performer are unsurpassed in Houston sports over the last two decades.”  -George Postolos, Owner Postolos Group/Former Houston Astros CEO/Former Houston Rockets CEO

“Clutch became one of Houston’s most beloved brands because of Robert’s brilliant creativity, energy and vision. His ideas and inspiration are infectious.”  -Cathy Lopez-Negrete, Owner, COO & CFO of Lopez-Negrete Advertising

“Creative, passionate, energetic, intelligent…all words which strongly describe somebody you want on your team. All of these describe Robert very well. And just as importantly, he’s just a good guy with a great heart.” -John Dillon, SVP, CMO at Denny’s Corporation

“The Harris County Sports Authority has had the privilege of working with Robert Boudwin on many occasions for a variety of events. He is extremely professional, dependable, and creative when partnering with us. He truly understands what is means to integrate branding throughout an entire program, and he’s also a captivating speaker when asked to fill that role for one of our events.” -Janis Schmees Burke, President & CEO of the Harris County Sport Authority

“From firing up 20,000 people in a sports arena, to touching hearts one-to-one, Robert connects with people in a lasting way. He can help create this same connection between your audience & your brand. Inspiring. Original. Relentless as a full sworn enemy of the ordinary, Robert will net you results in a way no one else can.” -Jim “Wegs” Wegerbauer, Chief Idea Officer of Dieste, an Omnicom Company

“Robert took an idea and brought it to life (literally), creating a beloved, iconic character and brand, resulting in tremendous value for the Rockets. He can apply that same creativity and marketing insight to build value for your business!” -Michael Burch, Sr. Vice President, National Sales and Marketing, Speedway Motorsports, Inc.


Robert Boudwin          832-541-3865



Good Afternoon Everyone!

Robert Boudwin, formerly Clutch for the Houston Rockets, is a 20+ year veteran entertaining crowds.  I know Robert well and know how much he puts into his craft, so when he retired and opened his consulting company, I couldn’t wait to get him to OKC in front of our game night staff to share his knowledge.

Robert is not only a top professional in costume, but he’s also very talented performer out of costume.  We were able to work out a schedule that spanned over 2 games, and one rather large annual event.  Night one was our Mascot Mania game, followed by our signature “Breakfast with Rumble” event the following morning, and the last was a Sunday game that we gear towards families.  Robert was able to come in and evaluate the performances of the mascots, our interactive crew and our overall presentation for all three events.  We spent a better part of the following Monday going over is feedback and other observations.  He also worked with our mascot sharing engagement techniques and other tricks of the trade.  In addition, we held a 2 hour meeting with our interactive groups, where Robert shared valuable insight on connecting with the fans.  Ways to win them over as they enter, only to have a much better connection with them as they cheer on the team from their seats for the remainder of the game.  Our group was energized following his visit as they had new tools to work with for games and events.

I’m sending this to you to let you know how affective his visit was for our mascot and entertainment groups.  Robert knows how to bring a costume to life and has an incredible way of getting the attention of fans.  This is a great tool to have for anyone who is responsible for making sure the fans are enjoying their experience.  I highly recommend Robert Boudwin and hope you’ll consider his services when looking for ways to better your mascot or interactive teams.

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