GREAT SPEECH from a GREAT President!

I am hoping and optimistic that we all including our President Elect can CONTINUE TO KEEP & MAKE AMERICA GREAT! Don’t argue with me on MY site on this matter please. I know I know. If I am a democrat, you republicans think I am supporting the lazy and stupid and I am foolish. If I am republican, you democrats think I am selfish, racist and greedy. I chose independently per issue and per candidate and try not to label my beliefs or myself in this area. Feel free to do so with me via private messaging or in person, but not on this bulletin board. HAPPY to debate, but not here publicly. “Try talking to me in real life!” Thanks for that quote President Obama and thanks for 8 years! Good luck Mr. Trump soon to be President Trump! You ALREADY have a GREAT country to run. Let’s make it even better ALL together. WE can do better!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Published by robertboudwin1

Speaker - Performer - Marketer - Brand Builder - Mascot Expert - Writer - Enemy of the Ordinary

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