THINK DIFFERENT!  Don’t follow.  I used the @ sign in the title intentionally instead of “at” to reflect the times.  Evolving is hard.  Whether to (in your mind) commit to why something works and not risk too much or try something new so as not to be stale or “left behind” is a tough question that has no real answer day to day.  The FUN should be figuring out the difference:).  There are some norms, regulars & traditions that are part of WHO WE ARE whether human, a country, a region, a state, a city, or a small community and they should be respected and celebrated.  However, changing it up and progress is also part of the balance of LIFE!  There is NO progress without disrupters.  If you disagree, think about every invention EVER.  I’m not saying to disagree for the sake of it.  However, think freely and be BOLD!  Follow when it makes good sense whether it is your idea or not.  At the same time new does not come from copying.  Somehow I feel this makes complete obvious sense to a 22 year old, but not a 42 year old.  Yes, I know, more to lose at 42 monetarily, but think back 40s & 50s somethings…  At 22 you still didn’t want to screw up and start your career with a blemish.  There was something to lose then just like there is something to lose now.  As we age, we tend to think we “walked up hill both ways to school.”  WE DIDN’T!  Contrarians have always and will always create the new frontier and be innovators. They just need to not go personally insane while doing so from all the pressure to conform:).  Joke, kind of;).  Keep pressing!!!

P.S. Unedited (so forgive any typos) during a break between changing twins diapers who cry a lot and sleep MOST of the day.  The babies, not the diapers;)


Published by robertboudwin1

Speaker - Performer - Marketer - Brand Builder - Mascot Expert - Writer - Enemy of the Ordinary

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