I offer presentations perfect for company meetings, organizational retreats, conferences, special events, churches, and any occasion calling for a key-note speaker.  It is an entertaining, emotionally inspiring, motivating, engagingly interactive & comical story of perseverance, persistence & fortitude along the road less traveled while building one of the nation’s biggest mascot brands and a world wide entertainer.


Success happened by passionately focusing on creating memorable & remarkable moments one laugh at a time. This happened against all odds at the beginning, middle & end of the mascot journey by never giving up and truly over delivering to the customer at every opportunity turning them into a valuable volunteer sales force driving appearance revenues to 4 times that of the average professional mascot & 50 times that from year one to peek. Your employees or members will be left entertained & motivated to achieve their personal best by focusing on how to create special moments for costumers in turn transforming those customers into raving fans!


Some of the companies I have contracted me to present include:

NCAA, Exxon, Baker Botts, Deliotte & Touche, Professional Sports Partners, The Sam Houston Race Park, Williams, Anadarko, Memorial Hermann Hospital, Methodist Hospital, The Clifford Group, Chick-Fil-A, Taste of Texas Restaurant, Menchies, Rice University, Houston Area Chamber of Commerce, United Way of Greater Houston, Houston Rotary Clubs, Life Gift, Nora’s Home & The American Diabetes Association.


“Robert has an uncanny ability to connect and communicate to the masses or personally one on one in a way that motivates. He has personally inspired me at times in my life. He is an instinctive marketer and brand builder who gets stuff done and delivers results.”

-Andrea Young, Sam Houston Race Park COO


“Robert has an amazing skills to connect people.  He uses his gifts to entertain and inspire people, holding their attention — all while he achieves the purposes of those who retain him.”

-Mark Lanier, Owner Lanier Law Firm


“Robert’s sustained excellence, passion and creativity as a brand builder and performer are unsurpassed in Houston sports over the last two decades.”

-George Postolos, Owner Postolos Group/Former Houston Astros CEO/Former Houston Rockets CEO


“Clutch became one of Houston’s most beloved brands because of Robert’s brilliant creativity, energy and vision.  His ideas and inspiration are infectious.”

-Cathy Lopez-Negrete, Owner, COO & CFO of Lopez-Negrete Advertising


“Creative, passionate, energetic, intelligent…all words which strongly describe somebody you want on your team.  All of these describe Robert very well.  And just as importantly, he’s just a good guy with a great heart.”

-John Dillon, SVP, CMO at Denny’s Corporation


“Robert has an innate ability to grasp an issue right away and offer solutions to complex issues. While I would talk about a specific issue, I can see the wheels of his great mind turning. I’ve heard him speak on the topic more than once, and it’s very moving. The marketing world needs more Robert Boudwins!”

-Cindy Clifford, Founder & President of the Clifford Group, inc. PR, Marketing


“The Harris County Sports Authority has had the privilege of working with Robert Boudwin on many occasions for a variety of events.  He is extremely professional, dependable, and creative when partnering with us.  He truly understands what is means to integrate branding throughout an entire program, and he’s also a captivating speaker when asked to fill that role for one of our events.”

-Janis Schmees Burke, President & CEO of the Harris County Sport Authority


“From firing up 20,000 people in a sports arena, to touching hearts one-to-one, Robert Boudwin connects with people in a lasting way.  And he can help create this same connection between your audience and your brand.  Inspiring.  Original.  Relentless as a full sworn enemy of the ordinary, Robert will net you results in a ways no one else can.”

-Jim “Wegs” Wegerbauer, Chief Idea Officer of Dieste, an Omnicom Company


“Robert took an idea and brought it to life (literally), creating a beloved, iconic character and brand, resulting in tremendous value for the Rockets.  He can apply that same creativity and marketing insight to build value for your business!”

-Michael Burch, Sr. Vice President, National Sales and Marketing, Speedway Motorsports, Inc.


Clips from several presentations can be seen on my web site at robertboudwin.com. Please call or email me to schedule.


Robert Boudwin         832-541-3865         robert@robertboudwin.com

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