I have no philosophy. Philosophy equals the never-ending pursuit of unanswerable questions that have neither a right nor a wrong answer, but just an endless number of different perspectives. You end up being a dog chasing his tail in circles and going crazy like Niche. I’d rather delude myself into thinking I’m right about something than to keep asking the question why until I go crazy. I feel crazy just writing about this. To put it simply philosophy equals the pursuit of insanity while psychology is the pursuit of sanity. Study psychology not philosophy. Be sane not insane. So what do I believe in? That sounds like a question that still won’t be answered after writing several books so let me just say this. In business, I believe in creating first, marketing second and selling third. In my personal life I believe in: over spicing and under cooking EVERYTHING, never eat your pizza with a knife & fork, never wear a digital watch, and always put on too much cologne on each day. And for the very serious people: we are meant to be individuals so you should always strive to be yourself especially when it is inconvenient, but at the same time the only reason we are all ‘here’ is to try to help each other through IT ALL. Follow this ‘philosophy’ and I believe you will be relatively successful and more importantly HAPPY!

Published by robertboudwin1

Speaker - Performer - Marketer - Brand Builder - Mascot Expert - Writer - Enemy of the Ordinary

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