WOW! Life Affirming…

We never really truly get to realize the impact of most of our daily actions.  This was a rare exception.  As if today wasn’t already an amazing day spending it with my two day old twins girls Brooklyn & Bailey, here is a message I received that really crystalized why I loved what I did for a living the last 21 years.  It is very fulfilling to hear this story and this mother’s words and I a forever grateful to her for sharing them with me.  I have changed the names as I wish to keep their identity private.


“Hi Mr. Robert Boudwin.  My name is Donna I wanted to write to you and say Thank you!!  You probably don’t remember around 2008 or 2009 you came to Texas Children’s Hospital as Clutch to visit my very ill daughter Elli who was in the hospital very very sick battling Leukemia.  You made her laugh, something she had not done for some time.  You brought her so much joy that day.  I always believed you gave her a sense of happiness again after being so sick for months.  Right before you hugged me, you whispered in my ear “I will pray for you and your family.  May God Be With You!”  That night I got the news no parent ever wants to hear.  It’s time to start preparing funeral arrangements for your daughter.  We have done every thing we can do.  While you were visiting her you gave her a Clutch doll that she held onto for months taking every where with her.  I believe you brought her so much happiness that she had a reason to fight harder.  She was in the hospital for another year told she may never walk again.  She has over come a lot she and still continues to have some physical problems from Chemo.  This past May my baby girl graduated high school.  She walked across that stage…a thing that doctors didn’t believe would ever happen.  Thank you so very much for that wonderful day.

With love always,


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4 thoughts on “WOW! Life Affirming…

  1. Dear Robert, This is such an exceptional story. I am so happy for these people. Just an FYI, this is all true about you. Your personality and heart really have brought joy to so many, you do have the gift. I was shocked to hear you left “Clutch” behind I figured you would always be with him. If all this was not true then you would not have the amazing life you are now living. Remember, what goes around comes around. Your twin babies are gorgeous and your next business venture will of course be a success. You have always had one hell of a head for business. Sincerely… you. from Diane LaForme


    1. Thanks for the kind words Diane! It is nice to hear from you. I miss your vibrant personality and off beat individual nature. Reminded me of someone;) Birds of a flock… Wishing you and your’s the best!


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