CONSULTANT:  CONTENT CREATOR in the ENGAGEMENT ECONOMYMarketing Consultant (specializing in experiential & relationship marketing with extensive skills in entertainment, sketch writing, promotions, event production, media stunt creation & execution, social media & viral video creation)


-INNOVATIVE LEADERSHIP by being first w/ new & fresh ideas executed well & growing the industry itself by helping collegues internally & peers around the county (100’s of original sketches, video shorts & the introduction of systemic replicable concepts)

-SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES & ACTIVATION relationship marketing by creating value & achieving objectives for partners while creating compelling entertainment & interaction

-MEDIA STUNTS that garnered free publicity & advertising to millions while driving a specific targeted message that drives revenue (conceived, planned, promoted, executed)

-VIRAL VIDEOS shorts/commercials/skits with clicked on views in the tens of millions per video & 100+ million pages reached w/ 1 (writing, production & strategic releases)

-EVENT PRODUCTION experiential marketing that truly engages, connects & leaves a lasting impression (planning, promoting & executing)

-SOCIAL MEDIA that drives revenue, grew Clutch’s Facebook following from 0 to 145K followers (15 times most peers & 3 times that of 2nd most followed mascot)

-SCHOOL SHOWS hour long “edutainment” show that motivates, inspires & entertains (writing, production, performing, marketing, selling, operations & executing)

SERVANT LEADERSHIP by public speaking, advocating, fundraising & board service for 9 separate non-profits (act on boards stewarding upwards of 50 Million per year & personally raising & donating 100K in 4 years)

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