3D-Standard Partner/Director of Business Development

THE BIG NEWS!  1 way WE can greatly reduce the spread of COVID-19!

$25 each or $20 each for 10 or more. Available in multicolors to match your brand. PERFECT for restaurants, bars, manufactures & any business looking to significantly reduce the spread of Coronavirus. The concept is simple & proven by completely sealing your mask (usually on the sides of your mouth & by the creases in the facial contour by your nose that allow air to flow unfiltered) to your face.

The obvious & MOST IMPORTANT benefit here is for the public health & protecting customers to a much greater degree from those servers who might not be symptomatic, but carriers. The other benefit for owners & workers is to have a greater chance of STAYING OPEN & not having to shut down due to a staff member testing positive.

Use the promo code Rob10 for 10% off any order. Email me for any questions, more info, or media requests at: This is a partnership between myself & long time 25+ year friends who own a local Houston based 3D Printing Business.

We are ALL in this TOGETHER! Please share!

STM = Seals The Mask

Test STM N95 KN95
Walking In Place 200+ 100 Fail
Talking 200+ 100 Fail
Head Side To Side 200+ 100 Fail
Head Up and Down 200+ 100 Fail
Facial Hair Tested 160 Fail Fail
Glasses Fog Test Pass Fail Fail
Pass Level 100 100 Fail
Overall Fit Factor 192 100 Fail
Overall Pass Yes Yes* No
Date of Test 4/14/20 4/14/20 2020
*Without Facial Hair

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