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Nekter Juice Bar Houston, a locally female-owned quick-service restaurant specializing in freshly made juices, smoothies, acai bowls, and juice cleanses is committed to making a difference for our beloved Houston Firefighters and Frontline heroes. Today, we ask you to join us in our efforts to provide nutrient-rich, immunity-boosting, and clean meal options for one of those who need it the most – our firefighters.
On July 4th, the City of Houston was down 218 firefighters out of a shift of more than 900.
Some firefighters have worked up to 96 straight hours in recent days.
Today (7/14/2020) 190 firefighters are in quarantine!
It is up to us, the community, to protect and serve those who have always done so for us. Now, more than ever, it is vital to be community-minded and come together to help those in need. So get moving, grab your kids, head over to Nekter, and let’s make a difference, together.
ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of funds raised will go toward purchasing and providing nourishing, revitalizing Nekter meals to our firefighters. The goal is to raise enough money to donate at least 7,000 meals or more! The mission is to have nutrient-rich, immunity, and energy-boosting snacks, lunches and dinners readily available for as long as the COVID-19 crisis lasts.
Nekter Houston Owner Andrea Young has donated $5,000 to jumpstart this fund. “It was important for me and my family to do something impactful during this time. As the crisis has grown in Houston, my children asked me what they could do and it occurred to me that we had something available to us that we could share with other Houstonians. As I learned more about what firefighters do and how they are often the first on the scene, it was a natural fit to raise awareness and provide a healthy treat at the same time. I want my children and their friends to see first hand how our Community can come together in times of need”
Additionally, anyone who contributes will receive 1 point through our Nekter Mobile App for every dollar donated. Credit will be applied at the end of the fundraising period. Please leave your email address on your donation to receive your credit.
There is no donation too big or too small. Simply donate below or stop by any of our Nekter Houston locations and select the “DONATION” option when checking out. We will be posting frequent updates and schedules where we ask YOU to join us in our drop-offs! We want you, your kids, friends and family to feel the joy we feel of giving back in such trying times.
Follow us on Instagram at @NekterFeedsFrontliners for updates and schedules.
Our campaign will kick off Tuesday, July 14th at Station 75! Stay tuned and stay safe.
Have another organization in mind that could benefit from our donation?
Email us at with the organization’s name, address, and details.
Let’s support our health heroes together. #LiveTheNekterLife
Andrea B. Young
3262 Westheimer Road, No. 655
Houston, TX 77098
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