Robert with Clutch Shaddow

I believe innovation is paramount to sustain success.  In addition to hundreds of original sketches, bits, routines, a video shorts here are some of the broader concepts I was the first to do that then spread across NBA entertainment and then all of sports entertainment:


-Introduced and used “AIR” inflatable mascots in professional sports

Ran a 1/2 Marathon in full costume & raised money and awareness for a cause (organ donation) & ran over 100 miles in costume for various causes and promotions

-Standing & Balancing on Giant Red Ball while making shots from around the court

-Created & Developed “Mascot Bowling” using the giant 3 man sling shot, scooter disc & giant pins

-60′ x 30′ LOUD LOUDER LOUDEST banners that collapse/transform within each other to prompt the audience

-Introduced “AIR” inflatable mascots that ate people and rolled to professional sports

-Lead sports mascots in inventive social media strategies and promotions that led to the largest professional sports mascot Facebook following by 15 times most other pro mascots

-Pioneered School Shows & Mascot Story Book writing that was a revenue generator & created value for students, schools, the team & a corporate sponsor (broke the traditional “mix & mingle” mascot appearance mold and created an hour long mascot show for a captive audience for either kids or adults

-Became a non-profit leader out of costume & personally raised over $100K for charities without the use of the mascot character

-Produced, Promoted, Hosted & Taught Mascot Camps for aspiring & active performers

-Helped pioneer the mascot conference that lead to best practice sharing nationally amongst talent and collaborative writing of new material to be share across markets

-First to reach to coveted 100 “NUT SHOTS” received milestone (see below)


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