Over the past 25 years as a consultant I have created dozens of characters while performing and brand building for my primary employer including, but not limited to: The Houston Astros, Gallery Furniture, Menchies Frozen Yogurt, The University of Houston, The Houston Comets, The University of Delaware, The Houston Thunderbears & more…  Having been both a performer and someone who has personally created the character & costume, originated the role, and then gone on to portray the characters for years has given me a unique perspective on how best to construct a costume to maximize both its look and its usability.  There is nothing worse then a costume that looks amazing, but whether too hot, not enough vision, lack of dexterity, too heavy, or many other potential pitfalls, is simply unusable.  You want a costume that is built to last, looks like a great representation of your brand and is useable so that a performer can BRING IT TO LIFE!  Email me at to make your idea come to life.  Take it out of your head, onto the page and then into the 3 dimensional real life cartoon character that it is meant to be.  You will end up with an asset that can entertain your customers and connect with them in such a meaningful way that they will be turned into RAVING FANS!  Here are just some of the characters I have created.

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“My friend Robert Boudwin has created something special like only he can. Looking for an entertaining and educational option for Houston school assemblies? Search no more!”

-Jerry Burrell-Houston Rockets ONLY Turbo & Team Acrodunk & High Impact Squad Owner


“Robert is a master at his craft respected as such across the industry.  I’ve hired him to train some of my staff and performers.”

-Dave Raymond-Original Phillie Phanatic, Owner of the Raymond Entertainment Group & Mascot Hall of Fame Founder


“Robert took an idea and brought it to life (literally), creating a beloved, iconic character and brand, resulting in tremendous value for the Rockets.  He can apply that same creativity and marketing insight to build value for your business!”

-Michael Burch, Sr. Vice President, National Sales and Marketing, Speedway Motorsports, Inc. (Former Houston Rockets Director of Marketing who Robert Reported To)


“I’ve known Robert professionally for 20 years as a performer. However, what he did as a consultant and speaker in just a few days was reinvigorating and transformative not only for myself, our entertainers, and staff, but for our entire show. I highly recommend him!”

-John Leach, Oklahoma City Thunder, Director of Game Presentation

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